Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Hawak-Kamay Moment

Her Story
I got to know him when we were in college. We were in the same organization called UP Youth for Christ. I used to call him "Kuya" back then. I was a freshman. He was a senior.

When I first met him, there's really nothing special. It was 2003. I had a boyfriend that time and he's in a relationship too. Although, I find him as someone na "may dating" ;) I got to know him more because he's usually at AS tambayan (UP YFCs official tambayan) during my breaktime. I didn't really notice anything special from him at first as I always thought that all guys from YFC are nice and friendly. :)

When my first relationship failed, UP YFC became my support system. I became closer to the people because I love how they lift my spirit up whenever I'm with them.

It was December 2005, I remember, when our UP YFC friends made a surprise celebration at Mang Jimmy's in Katipunan for the December birthday celebrants. We were both December babies. His on the 21st while mine on the 18th. It was a celebration I didn't really thought would end up into something unexpected. He accompanied me going home because he needs to bring the box of cake since I'm bringing a lot of my ID stuff already. It was a night when I actually noticed him. It was our first moment. I felt the spark. ;)

That same month, UP YFC pips decided to watch one of Metro Manila's Film Festival's movie, Exodus, at Eastwood. Though not so sure if he really insisted on sitting beside me at the movie house hehe ;) The aircon is colder than ever and the forgetful me has no jacket. He brought his. So he asked me if I wanted to share, I didn't hesitate. It was so instantaneous that while under that same jacket with cold hands on the arm rest, our hands touched then eventually our fingers locked. I felt his warm hands and it felt so good.

From that night, things started to change between us. We were closer than ever. By January 2006, he asked if he can court me, and I said ok lang..:) We went on our first date at Pasto in Eastwood. It was so casual. Felt a little nervous though. Then followed by a second date, where he sets up a romantic dinner for two at the rooftop of their apartment with candle light, wine glasses, instrumental music on the background, and a home-made italian food cooked by him. It was a moment where we really get to know each other heart to heart. That same night, he confessed his love to me. I was speechless because it felt so surreal (ang haba lang ng hair ko that night hehe).

He pursued me for 6 months. Consistently fetching me after class and accompanying me at home every night just to make sure I'll get home safe. Bringing me starbucks coffee at home, at 12 in the morning, because I'm still awake doing my plate for my ID class. I felt his sincerity. I felt his seriousness. I felt that he cared for me more than I care for myself. I felt that maybe this is the guy that I've been waiting and praying for.

To be continued....

His Story

I met Arne when we were still in UP Diliman. We were in the same religious organization called the UP Youth for Christ. At that time I was also really busy training with the UP Dragonboat team while she was also a member of a jazz dance club called UP Danza. There were a lot of pretty girls in UP YFC but what really sets Arne apart from the others was that she makes the mood of the whole tambayan lighter and livelier. She has this talent to make other people feel good about themselves. 

From being orgmates, we slowly became friends. I made extra effort so that I could see her every time she's in the tambayan. I even attended some YFC activities and gatherings that I don't usually participate. At one such bonding activity, I was able to hold her hand under my jacket while we were watching a Tagalog movie at Eastwood. 

I courted Arne for about six months, the longest courtship that I've been into. It was because I had a bad reputation with girls during college that made her friends doubt my sincerity towards her. Before we became a couple,  I did a lot of crazy things just to make her say yes. I reserved a seat from Manila to Pangasinan just so that I could talk to her on the way to our friend's debut. At one time, I surprised her by visiting her in Mindoro. She only knew that I was going there when I was already at Batangas port. 

One special night, I invited her on a candle-lit dinner date at the rooftop of our apartment. I prepared a full course meal for her with the help of our friend, Guia.  That night, Guia also lent me her car so that I can fetch Arne. However, the car stalled in the middle of Katipunan during rush hour and was almost towed by a truck. Good thing help came just in time and we were able to reach the apartment safely. I had a blast that night and I was also able to express the feelings that I have been keeping in my heart.

After six months, Arne finally said yes while we were being serenaded by a group of musicians at a restaurant in Antipolo. The date was July 18, 2006. She said she's willing to take the risk for our relationship. I was really happy that night. It was the beginning of our happy journey. Six years later I proposed to her. :)

The Risk and the First Kiss

Her Story

July 18, 2006, 6 months after our first date, I invited him for dinner at Cloud 9 in Antipolo. The moment of truth. It felt like everything is falling into place. The night sky full of stars, perfect seat location overlooking the city, a de javu (when we were in the car, I felt that it happended before), and most specially a string quartet. It was one of the most romantic night of my life. Though I felt extremely anxious then.

The moment came. I told him how I appreciate his presence in my life. How I felt loved. How I am still struggling on trusting a new person and letting him into my life. It will be a big risk. It's like standing from a mountaintop where you can see nothing but sea of clouds then jumping into it without knowing where to fall. But I told him, "will take that risk. I will take that risk with you. And it's a yes, I am wiling to be your girlfriend." :)

July 18, 2006. We became official. Then, our first kiss. :*

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bridal Entourage

BEST MAN:                                         MATRON OF HONOR:
Melvin Chua                                       Orsa Lia Alcanices-Sanuco

GROOMSMEN:                                   BRIDESMAIDS:
Edgar Louie Delima                            Kae Arne Jae Alcanices
Jed Christian Alcanices                       Jill Brigitte Alastre
Jay-Ar Christian Obial                        Chermaine Ann Zaparita
Joseph Carlo Dizon                             Shiela Abary-Lucero
Joseph Anthony Arana                        Sheena Acero
Frederick Santos                                 Antonette Joanne Rebong


Cherry Ann Magpantay-Almero
Paolo Bula

Jo Maureen Vicencio
John Ben Rodriguez

Cindy Stephanie Dela Cruz
Estrello Dela Cruz