Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wedding Singer & Musician

We're proud to announce our Wedding Singer & Musician --- Ms. Keilah Aubrey Garcia & Mr. Michael Dominic Bulaong. We've known Mike since college through UP Youth For Christ organization, and Keilah is Mike's pretty girlfriend.;) I've always adored Mike's talent in music. I remember watching him during their UP Concert Chorus night and he really inspired me to love music more. Mike is also Boe's housemate that time. Boe first heard Keilah's voice when they were practicing at the apartment. When I asked Boe who he wants for our wedding singers, he immediately agreed with Mike and Keilah.:)

Thanks guys for saying yes to be a part of our big day! You have no idea how excited we are.:))

Listen to Keilah's voice here with Mike on the keyboard.

Ms. Keilah Aubrey Garcia
(grab from her facebook account)

Mr. Michael Dominic Bulaong
(grab from his facebook account)

Their passion for music makes them perfect for each other :)
(grab from Mike's facebook account)

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